Sociobiology and the Human Dimension Georg Breuer

ISBN: 9780521287784

Published: January 13th 1983


308 pages


Sociobiology and the Human Dimension  by  Georg Breuer

Sociobiology and the Human Dimension by Georg Breuer
January 13th 1983 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 308 pages | ISBN: 9780521287784 | 8.69 Mb

This book is about animals and humans - their common features and their gradual and principle differences. It tells of democracy in baboons, prostitution in hummingbirds, bigamy in wrens, baby sitting in jackals, of chimpanzees at the computer console and of the super-ego of dogs - but it is also about the labour productivity of hunter and gatherer peoples, incest avoidance in animals and humans and of the myths about matriarchy. In a language accessible to any interested layman, Georg Breuer, gives a balanced account of the main ideas and achievements of sociobiology and the main criticisms levelled against it.

According to him sociobiology has given many a valuable impetus but sometimes presents a distorted or one-sided view. In particular it has not answered or addressed the question of why man, and man only, is able to identify and feel sympathy with any other human being. The evolution of this most human of all traits confers on us the capability for charity and solidarity and for the happiness of true love which is unattainable by any animal.

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